Robby's Frisco Style Chop
Robby had fun building this, just look at that exhaust!!!
Bobber painted Satin black
A very popular colour now.
Handmade Bobber seat
Made by our own upholsterer Fred
A 200 Back End in a Stock Sportster
This also had air shocks fitted, shows it can be done but it is a tight squeeze.
2014-07-06 1122
Air Shocks
These are kind of cool when you park up.
2014-07-06 1139
Trumpet Engine nicely polished
2014-07-06 1154
2014-07-06 1115
2014-07-06 1114
2014-07-06 1111
2014-07-06 1110
2014-07-06 1109
Honda Shadow 1100
This was in a pretty poor state and the customer asked us to tidy it up for him, turned out pretty good.
Honda Shadow Bobber
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